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            Antiques Answer Man, Wayne Cameron--award-winning columnist-- answers your questions about antiques and fine art in the following articles. Feel free to read through them! They will be updated regularly. We would appreciate your feedback.


So What’s Up With the Antiques Market? In recent days, we have seen the price of regular gas drop from upwards of $ 1.30 per litre to just under a dollar. Experts in these matters tell us that it’s a complicated issue, but I believe it is simply a case of supply and demand--the regulator of all commodities. So how does this relate to the current antiques market? Simply said, more seniors and baby boomers want to sell their antiques than younger people want to buy. I guess you could say that antiques in general have fallen out of fashion with the current “buying” generation. It begs the question, is this trend going to continue, with your local antiques dealer becoming a distant memory? Like so many commodities, however, the trend could reverse itself quickly with some kind of catalyst. It could be as simple as people of importance entering the market place and promoting antiques as investments or even as great decorations for homes. Or, interior-design magazines could start popularizing antiques for decorating in general. With more and more antiques dealers going out of business these days, essentially fewer and fewer quality antiques are entering the market place which may soon affect the whole supply/demand scenario. I for one, though, remain optimistic that good, period antique pieces will see a resurgence in the Canadian market in the not-too-distant future. They hold tremendous value as great pieces of history and at the same time, display an elegance unrivalled by modern press-board furnishings, making them a great buy in today’s market.